How Do I Prevent and Treat Common Illnesses?

How Do I Prevent and Treat Common Illnesses?

Cultivating healthy habits is the best way to prevent and treat the most common illnesses. Here are ten tips to ensure you are headed down the wellness path and steer clear of the sick path.

    1. Make healthy food choices and maintain a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
    2. Incorporate exercise into your wellness routine.
    3. Manage your blood sugar levels.
    4. Eat a diet that is low in processed foods and sugar.
    5. Ensure you’re getting the appropriate amount and type of protein.
    6. Get a good night’s sleep every night (7 or more hours per night).
    7. Quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake.
    8. Know your family history and get screenings for any illnesses or conditions you may have a predisposition to.
    9. Get your hormones balanced. New Leaf can help you test yours - New Leaf Hormone Health Test for Men or New Leaf Hormone Health Test for Women
    10. Take recommended supplements to replace any nutrient deficiencies. New Leaf Wellness providers will recommend based on lab testing.

The main supplement everyone should be taking is Myer’s Immune Boost. Myer’s Immune Boost supports your energy levels without caffeine & feeds the body’s cells with good and pure nutrition. Let’s not forget late night outings that lead to bad headaches that hang around all day. With a burst of nutrients, start your day with a glass of Myer’s Immune Boost the morning after. Just add water!


Written by Lynn Hall

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