Hormone Supplements for HER

Hormone Supplements for HER

by Dr. Julie K. Shaw ARNP, ANP, GNP


Hi! Just wanted to share my clinical experience with our great supplement line. There are brains much bigger than mine developing these amazing, complex, and perfectly orchestrated products, but thought it might be useful just to share the results I have witnessed in our clinic.


We have an amazing team at our New Leaf Wellness clinics, and I hope they all weigh in with their experiences as well! While not just for SHE... will focus on HER first:


  • DIM: I love DIM for our peri- (and pre-) menopausal woman. This is SUCH a frustrating, and excruciatingly long time for most women, and I am so glad to have a healthy product that will help manage their crazy estrogens and estrogen symptoms!
    • Here is where I reach for DIM:
      • Pre/peri menopausal women who are having heavy, long, painful, or irregular cycles. Our clients often report improvement of these symptoms in the first month.
      • During the menopausal transition, estradiol (E1) and estriol (E2) production declines and E1 or estrone (the bad player) becomes dominant and women can experience similar symptoms to estrogen deficiency (night sweats, hot flashes) This imbalance can also compound already worsening IRRITABILITY due to a loss of progesterone. DIM daily is essential for these women. PLUS, it gives great energy!
      • In women with low testosterone who cannot, should not or do not want to do testosterone replacement therapy, DIM can help boost testosterone as well. I will consider for DHEA for this purpose as well, however, in some pre, peri and post-menopausal women, DHEA can be problematic (acne, irritability...) so DIM is a great option here as well.
      • ... there are some other GREAT benefits with DIM we will save for the 'weight loss' discussion:-).
    • STRESS RESET: We should have spiked the water towers with Stress Reset this last year!
      • Cortisol will greedily drain my body of base hormone ingredients, leaving the rest of my hormones scrambling. Stress Resets helps maintain HEALTHY cortisol levels leaving those base ingredients available for those essential sex hormones.
      • The combination beneficial ingredients also help manage the negative effects of stress... which is a faithful companion during hormonal changes.
      • Palpitations are not uncommon in women.
    • DHEA: As a precursor to all my hormones, DHEA helps provide a fertile soil for all my hormones to perform with needed supportive ingredients. This may be the overlooked supplement around.
      • Works well in pre-menopausal women at 10mg a day to increase testosterone levels in women who are not completely depleted. We will often see a 25-50% increase in testosterone levels.
      • Essential in post-menopausal women as DHEA declines with age. Provides broad physiologic support for hormones in addition to providing improved immune response, energy, cognitive clarity, and mood! (If acne or hirsutism occur, lowering the dose or taking every other day typically resolves this)
    • OPTIMAL VITALITY: A woman's libido is COMPLICATED, with below the waist, above the waist and above the neck components. If hormones are corrected, and sex drive is still not at desired levels, this is a great addition. Many of our clients opt for this supplement simply for the energy and general feelings of well-being this supplement provides.


-  Dr. Julie K. Shaw ARNP, ANP, GNP

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