Benefits of NLRx Super B-12 Drops

Benefits of NLRx Super B-12 Drops

Super B-12 - Why I love it!

I HATE SHOTS (did I mention I hate shots?), so I get the Super B12 vitamin drops, and here is why:

There is a lot of information out there like...

‚ô°¬†One¬†site states¬†‚ÄúB12 is a great energy booster. It works through the red blood cells, by enabling them to carry oxygen more efficiently. An oxygenated cell is a cell that is at its optimum, full of energy and won‚Äôt tire easily. B12 is also great for the skin. These are just some of the benefits‚ÄĒ overall, it‚Äôs an essential vitamin that the body must have to stay in balance. The only problem is that it is not that easily found in food‚ÄĒ very few foods are B12 rich, and these are essentially meat and eggs. This leaves especially vegans to look for sources elsewhere, in fortified foods, supplements or vitamin B12 shots. Shots are a preferred option because of their direct and immediate absorption into the bloodstream.‚ÄĚ

‚ô° According to another source, ‚ÄúB12 increases metabolism, the side effect of which can be weight loss. With regular B12 injections and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster, and they attribute it to the shot.‚ÄĚ

‚ô° Also it boosts energy‚ÄĒ & delivers an energy booster straight to the bloodstream.

♡ B12 is a mood booster. Seriously though. I feel so much better when I take my Super B12. Basically, Vitamin B12 is really important for a properly functioning central nervous system. If you’re nervous system isn’t functioning properly it can lead to depression.

‚ô° You need B12 to maintain a properly functioning cardiovascular system. It thins the blood & prevents blood stickiness.

If you are like me and are looking for the alternative that works, you have found it!  Get the drops!  I love the fact that I know I am getting what I need and in a fashion that if perfect for me!  It is a convenient, affordable, in home way to stay healthy! You can get your Super B-12 at New Leaf Wellness.  

by Lynn Hall

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