Healthy Hormones for Men

Healthy Hormones for Men

written by Dr. Eric Thayer, DNP, FNP-BC, ARNP


Hey everyone. Stopping by to discuss some of the products offered by NLRX and New Leaf Wellness that men can find helpful to help provide not only a boost to their everyday life but provide more normality for their hormones. Yes, yes, I know men don't talk about hormones, I get it. But testosterone is a massively important hormone for men, as is a healthy balance between testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone plays a pivotal role in libido and developing and retaining muscle mass, but it also has a monumental role in mood, memory, and thinking ability. Feeling fatigued? Bogged down? Brain's been foggy? Working out but nothing to show for it? Hormones are a great place to look for a reason as to why you feel the way you do.


Before I discuss a few products that I recommend to men for the symptoms mentioned above, I’d like to briefly discuss NLRX Nutrition as a whole. There is a plethora of places to go when buying supplements; from supplement stores, to pharmacies, even grocery stores sell supplements now. With that being said, how can you trust that the product you are buying is actually what it's claiming to be? An article released in 2015 reviewed products from four major supplement distributors and found that they not only don’t contain what they claim but contain filler products such as wheat and soy (Kaplan, 2015). It is imperative when buying supplements that you know, and trust who you are buying from. I am thankful that I have seen and know where NLRX products are coming from, and when I recommend them to people, I have confidence that what I am recommending is actually what it is supposed to be.


Okay, back to men's hormones. The NLRX line offers many great products, as you can see in other blog posts. But for men, the staples I recommend for testosterone and hormone support are DHEA, B-Complex, and Fish Oil.


The first product I want to look at is DHEA. DHEA is considered a steroid hormone that has been shown to do many things; from strengthening immune function, to increasing mood and memory, decrease fat mass, increase muscle mass, increase libido, improve athletic performance, and increase energy (MedlinePlus, 2019). It does this by being converted by the body into testosterone (as well as other sex hormones). For men, as we age, not only do our natural levels of testosterone decrease, but our adrenal gland's production of DHEA decreases as well. Typically, somewhere in our 20's we begin to see a dip in our testosterone levels and DHEA production. Supplementation with DHEA can help many men increase their testosterone production.


Super B-Complex from NLRX is the next product I'd like to discuss. It contains all major B Vitamins, (B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12), as well as PABA, Choline Bitartrate, and Inositol. What I especially like about this product is it tells you specifically the amount of each B vitamin (in mg's). I've found a lot of products hide behind their labels and don’t display the dosing of al B-Vitamins, leading to some of the more costly B's to be in disappointing amounts (without you knowing). B-complex has been shown to be beneficial for cell health, energy levels, digestion, and brain function. BUT it has also been shown to play a major role in testosterone production, as well as enhance testosterone replacement therapy treatment (Natural Bio Health, 2019). With most Americans, our diets are not giving us nearly enough B-vitamins. Supplementing with a B-complex can be one way to not only fill the nutritional gaps in your diet, but provide an overall wellness boost to your body, and naturally increase testosterone.


Lastly, let’s look at Fish Oil. Taking fish oil supplements can provide a plethora of benefits; from supporting heart health, reducing inflammation, supporting healthy skin, and more. BUT, did you know there have also been studies that have shown fish oil can raise the level of free testosterone in the body (Abbot et al., 2020)? When choosing your fish oil, it is imperative you check the label, because not all fish oils are the same. You want to know how much EPA and DHA (in mg's) are in each softgel, and a lot of companies hide that information because their product is diluted. EPA and DHA are what provide the vast amount of benefit fish oil can provide. NLRX fish oil boasts 330mg of EPA, and 230mg of DHA in one serving size.


Thanks for taking the time to read, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals in the future!


Dr. Eric Thayer, DNP, FNP-BC, ARNP





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